Reign in Me

God I want more of You
I need less of me
Fill my hands and my heart
And the spaces in between

God I need more of You
You want all of me
Take Your throne on my heart
Come and take everything

All I am, for all You are

Father, be glorified
Jesus, be magnified
Spirit, reign in me

Oh my soul longs for You
How it aches for more
Draw me closer, my God
Then I’ve ever been before

Come like a wildfire
Set our lives ablaze
We will burn like the sun
We will shine with Your praise

(Chorus 2x)

Reign in me (repeat)

(Chorus 2x)

My Rescue

I am a sinner
Yet you call my name
Oh God of mercy
I bow down

Here in my weakness
Your love is strong
With all that’s in me
I cry out, I cry out

You are my rescue
You are my everything
Oh God, my anchor tried and true
I’m holding on to You

Through every trial
When waters rise
Though I may falter
You never fail, You never fail


Yesterday, today and tomorrow
The same, through the pain
the joy and the sorrow
You stay unchanged
Today and tomorrow, always (2x)

(Chorus 2x)

My Defense

Jesus Christ is my defense
To His wounds, I will cling
And in the face of judgement stand
His blood, my offering

In the conquering love of Christ
I find my victory
For it’s not my strength at all
But Christ, His strength in me

By His stripes, I am healed
By His touch, I can see
Not my works, but grace alone
Broke my chains, and set me free

Let our voices shake the earth
Like thunder in the sky
For in the death of Christ we died
And in His life we rise

He’s my joy in suffering
In my pain, He is peace
Though this world will fade away
His love will never cease

Though this world will fade away
His love will never cease
Yeah His love will never cease

‘Til the Father calls us home
This truth we will confess
That Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Became our righteousness